Questions? Call 1-800-518-0080
Questions? Call 1-800-518-0080
About Spa Flow

  • Who We Are

    Spa Flow is a corporate and event wellness company specializing in on-site chair massage, yoga and meditation.

    Experts in workplace wellness since 2007, you can trust our licensed and insured massage therapists and yoga instructors to take care of your most valuable resource—your team.

    We give you the tools to boost moral, decrease stress, and build a better workforce.

    At Spa Flow we help you:
    Feel Better. Work Better. Be Better.

  • Our Story

    I know what it’s like to manage a talented staff who deserve to feel appreciated for their hard work.

    My name is Jeanetta Joseph, I’m a Massage Therapist and the proud owner of Spa Flow.

    I began my professional life as an Athletic Trainer for Georgetown University. As a sports therapist I saw how valuable massage was for injury recovery and decided to study massage further. After graduating from massage school in 2002, I worked as a mobile massage therapist for 3 years in DC before moving to Atlanta to branch out on my own.

    In Atlanta I opened Spa Flow Studio and Mobile Massage. After getting married and having a baby I decided to move back home to the DC area.
    I continued to manage Spa Flow Atlanta from Maryland, coordinating appointments for the team of therapists that I worked with while in Atlanta.

    Soon I realized the demand for stress relief in the workplace and shifted the company’s focus to event and corporate wellness programs.

    Currently you can find Spa Flow at law firms, television stations, conventions, and parties throughout the Washington DC metro area, Atlanta and Philadelphia. Spa Flow also works with national brands like Coca-Cola, Macy’s and the Rock-N-Roll marathon series for “hands-on” marketing campaigns.

    While our focus is Office Wellness and Massage, we also happily work with individual clients who want to enhance their party, bridal shower, or other event with our services.

    Our newest offering — Office Yoga and Meditation — allows us to truly provide the total wellness package to our corporate clients.

    We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Spa Flow, and we’re
    excited to have you along for the journey!

  • Locations

    While we’re always growing, we currently service Atlanta, DC/Maryland/Virginia and Philadelphia areas.

    We also have therapists available for special events in Seattle, Phoenix, Denver, St. Louis, Las Vegas, Savannah, New Orleans, Houston, Dallas,
    and Miami.

    No event is too large or too small— contact us today for a quote!

  • Therapists & Instructors

    We only provide you with the best!

    You can trust that all Spa Flow massage therapists and wellness instructors are licensed and insured.

    Our therapists are highly qualified, experienced in providing on-site massage and yoga services.

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Our Clients

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Thank you so much for making our massages this year easy and enjoyable! I know everyone loved Jessica and Mary and the feedback has been wonderful! Jessica and Mary were both polite, professional, on time, and personable. I couldn’t be happier!

Moore Colson, HR Specialist

I've been booking Spa Flow for around the last 3 or 4 years to come out to my office for chair massages. Booking is hassle free. This is probably one of the favorite things that we do for our staff and it's really cost effective.

C. Varner, Reliant Technologies

SpaFlow absolutely BLEW us away from the initial interaction to the end of the event. Quote to payment, I felt like all of my questions were answered and that the process was safe and secure. We will definitely be booking with Spa Flow again!

L. Boehmler, ControlScan
Mon - Sat
9:00 AM - 9:00PM
10:00 AM - 6:00PM

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